News: Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh

Cyclone Sidr ripped through southern and central Bangladesh on Nov 15. It left a trail of destruction across 17 Bangladeshi districts. Official figures confirmed over 3,000 people died.
The humanitarian relief operation started shortly after the cyclone passed.
It could have been worse. Over the past decade, the country's early warning and preparedness systems have improved considerably. Officials evacuated some 3.2 million people who lived along the coastline in the days before Sidr hit, and stockpiled relief supplies and rescue equipment.
Pictures courtesy WFP, Sajid Hossain and Jibon Amir
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Anonymous,  28 November, 2007 04:50  

i am trying to get a fund raiser started at my school and the teacher told me to write a report about it to turn in to the principal. thank you for the information and please update it to the fullest extent

Peter 28 November, 2007 09:07  

Thanks for you solidarity! I hope you can get the fundraiser going! If you need more information, let me know!! normally, you can get updated info on

all the best!


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