Rumble: What Better Way to Spend a Last Evening?

What better way to end this thirteen months' sabbatical than with friends? A picture from last Saturday, the day before I left home.
There are always a lot of 'lasts' before you leave. Last time shopping, last time picking up the kids from school, last Sunday croissants... This was the "last dinner". Left to Right: Patje, Tine, me, Katrien, Mark and Rosa. All friends since a long time.. :-)


Patrick Morel 05 May, 2007 17:01  

Hi Pete,

Here the recipe of:

Frozen Margarita

2 ounces Lime Juice
3 ounces Tequila (White)
1 ounce Triple Sec
Rub rim of a collins glass with a lime wedge and dip glass into salt to coat rim thoroughly. Pour tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice and 1 cup of crushed ice into a blender. Blend well at high speed and pour into the collins glass.

Enjoyed it ;-))))


Peter 06 May, 2007 15:20  

We should give that recipe to the restaurant! The Margarita part was fine. It was the 'frozen' part they had a hard time with! ;-)


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