Rumble: My Life in Four Bags #7: Stone Age Technology

What else don't I ever leave home? Part#7: My Palm Pilot III

You won't believe this. I bought my PDA back in 1997. Yep, my Palm Pilot III is 10 years old this year... And I still could not live without it.
It stores ALL data for my personal and business contacts. I don't keep business cards.. Just enter the relevant data and throw the card away. I think there are 2,000 contacts in there. It is the ONLY calender tool I use.

In 10 years, it never hicked up once. I always keep it in one of the breast pockets of my safari jacket (see tomorrow's post). So it has been handled rough. Several times it fell on the ground, its cover unlatching, flying all over the ground. I lost the stylus three times, so wrote on it with the back of a ball point for a while. And it kept on working.

Does anyone else still use this Stone Age Technology? I would not be able to do without it.


Anonymous,  28 May, 2007 09:18  

that palm pilot surely is a prized possession.. =D very reliable! 10 years! that's absolutely amazing..

vagabondblogger 28 May, 2007 15:27  

Um, no. I reverted back to paper, with the computer. I love small hardback dayplanners, with phone directories in the back. I tape my kids', doggies' and The Boss Man's photos in, along with printed school (uni) schedules. It has a pocket in the back where I put small paper keepsakes from the year & then I file it next to the one from the year before. I hate the Palm and have had several of them. Boss Man used a Blackberry for awhile (company provided) and has some sort of mobile that he has everything in, but is waiting with baited breath for the Apple Phone - (and if it's out already, he's waiting for someone to buy it for him.)

I like the fact that I can open it and see my family. Can't do that with a Palm or computer calendar. Some things have gotten too impersonal for me.

Unknown 01 June, 2007 15:32  

I used a Palm Vx from 2000 to 2006. It is still working, if anyone wants to buy it. Now I am looking to take a step into the future and buy one of those i-mates.

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