News: Dubai is The Biggest. Even in Charity!

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum is giving US$10bn (ten billion US dollars...) to set up an educational foundation in the Middle East.
The money is meant to improve the standard of education and research in the region, and aims to stimulate job creation.
It is thought to be one of the largest charitable donations in history. (Full article)

And don't give me any crap about oil revenue etc... Oil is only 10% of Dubai's income. Commerce and tourism count for about 80% of the BNP. Talk about vision instead !

(Link sent to me by Peter Scott-Bowden. Tnx Peter! )
For updated humanitarian news, check out The Other World News


Anonymous,  26 May, 2007 12:42  

Talk about heart! Finally, a *real* leader and an inspiration in the Middle East.


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