Rumble: My Life in Four Bags #5: A Cable with a Twist

So what more is in this bag of tricks from a globetrotter?

Part #5: A modem cable with a twist – eh with a spring- …

One cable I would not want to loose is a small retractable modem cable. I used to have a normal modem cable, but the plastic clips of the connectors always got hooked onto another cable as I pulled it out my computer bag compartment reserved for computer power supplies and cables.
Did you curse those small RJ jacks too? And once those plastic clips break, you can never make a reliable modem connection anymore. The connector would always make a false contact, or just drop out of the wall plug. Argh.

Until I found this small gimmick from Targus, which rolls itself up onto the central coil, up to the point where the connectors slide into their small holders. Well protected.


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