Rumble: My Life in Four Bags. The Finale.

In nine episodes, I run across what I normally travel with. Not the clothing, the toothpaste and the soap. But what really makes a difference. Today is the last part:

Part #9: The Finale.. The last bags...

More bags anyone?
Apart from my big bags, I also carry some small bags with goodies. Mostly stuff only to be used in emergencies. One small bags with sterile syringes and plastic tubes, in case one needs a blood transfusion in not so hygienic circumstances. One with my spare glasses and sunglasses, a compass, a mirror (a mirror is a great way to attract attention when u are stuck somewhere and want to signal a passing car or plane), a small roll of strong nylon thread (to hang up a mosquito net in a hotel, or to block the door of your hotel, - yeah, I know what you are thinking, it works though!-). Another bag with matches, a small toothbrush, toothpaste, spare ear plugs, bandages. And the last small bag has some medical supplies.

In the computer bag…
You think I am weird? Probably I am.. Wait until I tell you what secrets I have hidden in my computer bag. A permanent marker, pens, spare AA and AAA batteries, tie wraps (to secure bags for all too curious luggage handlers at Kenyata airport in Nairobi for instance), diplomatic cargo stickers to put on my luggage (for those nosy customs people at Kigali airport for instance), an air sickness bag full of funny money, left-over banknotes from my previous field trips (and in case I encounter anyone who collects funny money), my digital pin pass to make electronic bank transactions, a small notepad, all my power supplies, connecting cables. And some small pins I can use as a token present for people who do me a favour, in places where pins are rare..

Now that I summed up most of the goodies I travel with, I have two thoughts:
- how did I ever fit all of that into thirty -only- kilos of luggage and hauled it so many times around the globe?
- from the whistle in my safari jacket to a pair of test wires in my computer bag and funny money in a air sickness bag.. I seem to be very rigidly emotionally attached to the weirdest things.


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