Food prices are at a record high again.

International food commodity prices

The warning lights came on several months ago, and now we are at a point where the basic food commodity prices are at a new record high.

Prices on the international markets are even beating the prices of the 2008 food crisis, which caused severe unrest in many countries:

FAO International food commodity prices

For more details, check out the FAO World Food Situation page

While the record food prices have not hit the mainstream news, it is worthwhile considering that in the past centuries, many revolutions were rooted in the lack of food availability. Now relate that to the current turmoil in Libya, Egypt, Tunesia, Bahrain and Yemen. There seems to be a strong link between the food prices and the current civil unrest. In most cases, it was even predicted.

I think 2011 will be a tough year. But the situation is not hopeless. The Economist just published an article "What is causing food prices to soar and what can be done about it?", in which they highlight the importance of non-profit/non-commercial agricultural research, something which has come dear to our heart, here on The Road (read my earlier article "Cutting agricultural aid research or how to dig your own grave")

Check the latest articles about food prices on Humanitarian News, and get updates via a customized RSS feed.

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A Lady's Life 26 February, 2011 04:01  

Yes we are fast heading into a have not nation
Pretty soon every one will lose their homes and live on the street.
We probably need to all go on the street and begin yelling at the banks and the mortgage companies and government, because they sell you nothing and steal what you do have.
This is all nothing less than blood money.
No entrepreneurship to be found in lawyers taking away homes for nothing

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