Back from India

Delhi Red Fort

Thirteen interviews with farmers in Punjab and Bihar, and two training sessions on social media in Hyderabad later, I am back in Belgium. Now the sprint starts to edit about 18 videos - the rest from West Africa, and the one from the India trip - in three weeks time. About 500 pictures need to be sorted, selected and edited, and several stories need to be written.

And my car broke down again, this morning.

Life can be challenging sometimes, but that's what we like about it, no?

Can't wait to share some of my findings from the India trip. Stay tuned.


A Lady's Life 16 February, 2011 05:20  

Sounds good.
At least it was warm there or was it? lol

Peter 16 February, 2011 07:52  

Not really.. temperature was moderate. Rather cool at night... !


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