"Changement" by Sodre Ousmane and Isaka Belem

When we were in Ouahiqouya, a town in the Northern region of Burkina Faso last December, I saw Sodre Ousmane presenting a radio programme on the farmer's radio "La Voix du Paysan" (The voice of the farmer).

During the programme, Sodre sung along with one of the songs on the radio, and I got enchanted by his melodic voice. Afterwards, I asked him if he could do a song for us, which we would then use as background music for our video testimonials about farmers adapting to the climate change challenges.

Sodre asked what he should sing about, and I suggested "Change" (or "Changement" in French). He sat down with Isaka Belem, and improvised a song, right there on the spot, about the impact of "Change", in the weather, the political climate, the economy...

The song, the authenticity, and "couleur locale" of the melody took us all by surprise.

Meanwhile, we have used the song as a background for one of our testimonial videos, but I also wanted to show the song by itself.

So here is Sodre Ousmane with Isaka Belem on strings. Enjoy!


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