What's been keeping me busy

Nope, I don't mean just the past few days - I spent the weekend home in Belgium. I don't mean the hours spent trying to get Windows XP reinstalled on Lana's laptop. And figuring out which driver was the right one for her wireless card. And preferably did not conflict with the network card. Beh.
I don't mean neighter the debugging of the LAN ("Daddy, why does the Internet only work for 5 minutes in one go?") - which was just a reset of the wireless router...

No, I mean in the past weeks... What's been keeping me busy (outside of work)..

Well. I kicked off several new sites:

  • Humanitarian News is my mega-multi-mucho aggregator, taking in the latest posts from about 600 different sites.. It is my first project made on a non-blog platform.. My first timid tries in "Drupal", a webdevelopment platform (the real dudes call it a "CMS or Content Management System") used by The In-Crowd for Real Websites. The whole site is automated, with half-hourly broadcasts on Twitter: @HumanityNews.
    "Humanitarian News" has been up since a week now, and collected over 4,000 different articles. Just the mere amount of articles has proven to be quite an asset. Just do a search on Sudan for instance, and you will get what has been published about Sudan in those 600 different sites: news articles, press releases and posts in the Blogosphere..
    And it is not just quantity, but also quality: as the sources are all handselected, the contents is quite relevant for anyone working in, or interested in the nonprofit sector...
  • I also released You and Us and Me with news clips about the environment, green issues and nature conservation. To be followed on Twitter via @NewsOnGreen.
    For the moment, You and Us and Me is fed from about 30 different sources. This week, I will look for more sites...
  • People keep on sending me suggestions for my delicious nonprofit blogs collection. The latest posts of these are posted automatically on NonProfit Blogs, to be followed on Twitter: @NonProfitBlogs.
And I wrote stuff:
That's what has been keeping me busy....!


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