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I blog for fun and out of passion. I love social media and the power of crowdsourced information gathering or dissemination. Here is a short overview of all my blogs and websites:

1. My main blogs
  • My House on The Road really my home page. It shows the latest feeds from all my sites, as well as the feeds from a selection of other news sites I follow constantly.

  • The Road to the Horizon
    ... is my main blog. This is where it all started. On "The Road" I publish my travel short stories, news commentary, bits and pieces of things I pick up as I live my life as an expat, a traveller, and an aidworker.
    On Twitter: @TheRoadTo
    On Facebook: TheRoadToTheHorizon

  • BlogTips
    ...pulls together all my tips on blogging, specifically as tips and tricks for nonprofit bloggers and nonprofit organisations.
    On Twitter: @BloggerTip

  • Shot from the Hip where I post random pictures taken with my mobile phone. Life around me
    automatically twittered via @TheRoadTo

  • Scribbles a spin-off from The Road, where I highlight my "most notorious" writings: articles and stories I wrote over the years.

  • Have Impact!
    ...concentrates on our micro finance projects, which originally started as a social project "Change Starts Here" on The Road

  • Verslaafd aan de Horizon my Dutch eBook about three expeditions to the Antarctic and the Pacific.

  • The Non-Profit Press
    ...publishes press releases and news from nonprofit causes.

2. My news aggregators
3. Web clippings
  • The Horizon where I collect my random Internet clips, as I browse around the Internet.

  • The Road Daily a Newsvine site, where I clip news articles. Articles can be commented upon.

  • International Aid Workers Today similar to "The Road Daily", but here a community of people interested in humanitarian aid submit their clips.

4. Experimental blogs
  • Ander Nieuws the same as "The Other World News", but with Dutch headers.

  • De weg naar de Horizon another Dutch site where I cross-post short pieces from The Road to the Horizon.

Pictures courtesy Ning and RSA Education


Anonymous,  30 November, 2011 18:19  

Goodness me! Where an earth do you find the time? Wonderful work you do :)

Anonymous,  19 December, 2011 20:35 do you think who works for a UN agancy is overhelmed of work???? hahahahahaha !!!!!! that's the best joke of the year!!

Peter 20 December, 2011 16:44  

I am on sabbatical, and do social media full time.

About "working for a UN agency": as the saying goes: "If you have a stick, you will always find a dog to hit"... :-)

joy5chicks 18 September, 2012 00:06  

Our daughter wants to go to college for International Aid and Development. We live in Tennessee. Excluding ivy league colleges, what do you suggest without having a huge debt. Thanks.

Peter 18 September, 2012 08:00  

@joy5chicks ... Sorry have no experience with American colleges.. I come from a country where education is pretty much free, and tuition for any college is about 700 USD per year...

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