Snapped: Wet pants, the road to Bitche and more

My mobile phone gave up on me this week. The guys at work had it replaced in no time and copied all settings, messages and pictures.. While checking if everything was still there, I browsed through the picture galleries. I seem to have quite a backlog of photographs I took while thinking "I should write a blog post about this".

This weekend, I caught up, and wrote a short series, called "Snapped". Each has one picture and a short comment. The images are all taken with a crappy Nokia phone, so the quality is not very good. The memories are.

Here are the first two:

In June, the weather got very hot all of a sudden. When I'd get into the car in the evening, everything felt as if it were at melting point. So one day, I decided to leave the car windows wide open. Something I normally never do. A summer storm passed by in that afternoon. Of course I'd totally forgotten.
Water flushed out of the car when I opened the window in the evening. Puddles of water on the seats. Which are in cloth, not plastic or leather. I never knew cloth and foam could soak up that much water until I had to sit on it for 30 minutes to drive home.

I don't think I had wet pants since I was four.

wet pants

On the road from Belgium to Austria last Easter, we drove through Luxembourg. And got lost on a detour. We knew were were lost, as we were on the road to "Bitche". We decided to keep a brave face and not to bitch. Time lost, is lost forever. But whenever you get lost, you discover something new.

the road to Bitch


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