Two new websites. Something I wanted to do for the longest time

For ages, I have been looking for a way to get an easy and flexible overview of the latest articles for all the news sites I am monitoring. I gave it a try with NewsFeeds, which runs on Google Sites. Unfortunately it was not fast enough for my purpose, so I decided to redo it. And I wanted to style it in the way PopURL does it: plain and simple, the latest 10 posts. And if you hover over an article, a balloon pops up with the first lines of the article and the time it was posted. Click on an article and the original opens up in a new window...

I think I found the final solution: Have a look on My Home on the Road. Pretty neat, even though I say so myself.

On the home page, I give an overview of the latest posts for all the sites I manage. Subsequent pages give an overview of the latest news in the western press, the world press, magazines and social media sites. I also added topic pages. One has a Google News filter for humanitarian topics, a page with technology sites, one with odd news and the last one shows the latest news in the places I live (Belgium and Italy).

For the geeks amongst you: the site runs on selfhosted WordPress, and uses a triple caching mechanism: one to cache the feeds, one to cache the SQL database queries and one to cache the HTML.

If you have suggestions for any sites I should add, let me know.

Yet another thing I wanted to do since the longest time, is to gather all noteworthy stuff I have written, stories and articles, in one place. Their new home is Scribbles. Most of them have been published on The Road before, but I intend to add stuff I wrote a long time before the Internet came into being.

In case you loose track of all blogs and sites I manage, here is an overview.


Noelle Chun 30 September, 2009 19:50  

If you like popurls, you'll love Alltop ( Have you seen it before? Your blog is actually on the page There's also topics like, and you can personalize your own news rack like this:

I'd love to hear what you think.

- Noelle Chun

Peter 30 September, 2009 20:19  


I have used since the moment it came out. I think it is a neat way to compile feeds onto one topic.

I'd like them to be a bit more critical about the feeds they include. I have seen several feeds which are duplicated within one page. But overall, it is a great site, and on many pages, a great resource to find good sites within one particular subject.


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