Views from Tuscany (5)

For those of you who followed my tweets this afternoon: I posted 4 pictures and asked you to guess where I shot them from... You can still see them on my TwitPic account.

Some of you guessed The Vatican. Some said France. Others were closer with Verona,... But some had it right: today we got lost in Firenze... Or "Florence" for the anglophones... ;-)

Views from Firenze
Ok, I have to admit, the first picture was not a good hint... Could have been pretty much anywhere in Italy.... Why Italy? Well, they sell leather in stalls on a market with statutes around it...

Views from Firenze
But a few pictures later, this one should have given it away...! This is one of the most famous sights of Firenze: The Piazza del Duomo with the Bapistry on the left and the Duomo on the right.

Views from Firenze
In the 13th century, the city decided to build a cathedral here, but it was not until 1436 when the Duomo was actually finished.

Views from Firenze
The Duomo's main facade is a 19th century imitated Gothic front.

Views from Firenze
A detail of the front door of the bapistry, which is the oldest building in Florence, dating back to the sixth or seventh century when it was a Roman temple dedicated to Mars. Its bronze doors are from the Renaissance times...

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irish pub 15 July, 2009 08:00  

Too pretty pictures. Really want to see those in person.

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