Living in Italy - Part 13: Italian appointments - the sequel

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The week after the disillusioning appuntamente (appointments) with the hair dresser and the garage, I stepped into another appuntamento adventure. This time with a dentist.

I had never been to a dentist in Italy, but the week before last, a tooth ache appeared out of no-where. I could feel the pain spiking down to the bottom of my spine, a sign the nerve of the tooth was touched.

Via my Friend E, I got in touch with a dentist and made an appointment for "next Wednesday at 9:30 AM". This was my first surprise, as dentists are pretty busy.

I stood at the porch of their practice at 9:25, and they arrived at 9:30, on the dot: The dentist, a young bright-blue-eyed woman, and the receptionist, a lady with a godly smile.

The dentist looked at my teeth. She shook her head. She would need X-rays and an ultrasound cleansing to remove all chalk residues before she could do anything else.

One was work for an Xray technician, and the other for a dental hygienist. I had an instantaneous nightmare of an endless appuntamente string. The dentist laughed at my sad face and said she would take an Xray of the hurting tooth herself, and put in a temporary filling. My first good luck of the day, as otherwise, I would have started my holidays - the next day! - with hurting teeth...

Half an hour later, we tried to find a blank spot in the agenda of the dental hygienist, but nothing seemed possible until September... And the Xray person was not available for months neither.

Both the receptionist and my dentist started a soft discussion, and in the end, the receptionist said:
- "OK, we will do the Xray session in two weeks, followed the next hour with the root canal for your hurting tooth... But we will do the dental hygiene session now..."
- "Now?" I asked.
- "Now", she winked.. "I am a dental hygienist too. Today is a calm day at the reception, so I will do it. Is that ok?"
- "More than OK!"..

One hour later, I was back on the street. I had a dental appuntamento that had actually worked. They did even twice as much work as foreseen. Plus I had my dental hygiene session, for which I had not even taken an appointment.

So why did the appuntamente with hair dresser and the garage not work out, while I had no trouble at the dentist?

My theory: The first two were men. The latter were with two women. Proof efficiency in the Italian society revolves around the women, not the men. Punto.

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Anonymous,  27 July, 2009 20:41  

Expand it for most part of the world..... and it doesn't take to a well worked appointment to a dentist to make such a conclusion

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