10 seconds of Tuscany (9)

On the road between San Giovanni d'Asso and Siena, my GPS decided to guide us onto an unpaved road, obviously a short-cut.
The road serpented through valleys and over hill tops, much of it unspoiled nature, and the purest of Tuscany.
The last stretch went through amazing fields of sunflowers, poured over the rolling hills in between cypresses and farm houses.

sun flower field in Tuscany

sun flower field in Tuscany

sun flower field in Tuscany

sun flower field in Tuscany

Even without image enhancing, the pictures of the sun flowers resembled cells of something in a microcosmos. Almost psychedelic...

Which inspired me to make this short video with music by Neil Young, performed by the Belgian group Lais.

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Paul Maurice Martin 18 July, 2009 17:42  

I really enjoyed "getting out" to see these sunflowers - thanks for providing the stills and some verbal description - my disability keeps me from being able to use audo/visual.

Dr.Inese Millere 19 July, 2009 11:10  

Lovely! Great pics for relaxation and visualization. Thanks for sharing!

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