Malawi: Teaching a person to fish

The food crisis is adding to the misery of countries already crippled by other burdens like drought and HIV.

In Malawi people are turning to fish farming, not only for food and income but also as a way to cope with the challenges of HIV — in particular the orphans from AIDS.

This video takes a look at the World Fish Center's work with partners to reduce poverty and hunger in Africa through fish farming.

Discovered via CGIAR's ICTKM blog


Paddy in BA (Quickroute) 25 July, 2009 11:50  

Just finished the book "Three Cups of Tea" - if you haven't yet read it pls google it and do

Peter 25 July, 2009 12:46  


Heard about it, and it crossed my desk once, but is now definitively on my to-read list!

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