Rumble: Others Do It So Much Better Than Me #1: Pernille in Uganda

While writing for my blog, and doing research for some of the stories in the eBook, I came across some interesting material. So interesting, it actually made me a bit jealous. "There are a lot of people out there that Do It Much Better Than Me", I'm thinking.

That is why I am starting a new Blog-thread called just that: "Others Do It So Much Better Than Me." This is the first one in a series pointing to travel-jewels I found.

I lived in Uganda for four years. I wrote a few shortstories for the eBook about it: The Ugly Duckling, Kadee and Abby One and Abby Two. There are some more in the making.
However, I found a blog-site reflecting exactly how I always wanted to write about daily life in Uganda: I've left Copenhagen for Uganda.
It is written by Pernille, a Danish lady working for the MS (the Danish Association for International Co-operation) in North Uganda.
It is the ONLY blogsite I visit daily, being curious for updates.

Pernille writes fluently, witty, inventive, sometimes cynical, mad, disillusioned, happy... about both daily life in Uganda, her work as development worker, and the issues of development and Africa in general. And she does it in an appealing well-presented blog.
She often inserts amazing pictures in her blog, pictures you can find back in the Flickr directory she links to. The images are often very simple, but -especially the shots of people- have a lot of weight and depth. Just superb. My 2nd-hand-printed-then-scanned-it-on-my-old-nineties-scannerthingie-pictures have no comparison with her magnificent stuff.. Really.
And I wished I could write like she does.

She Does It So Much Better Than Me. I've left Copenhagen for Uganda. If you like stories of daily life in Africa, visit her blogsite and bookmark it. I did.

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