Rumble: The Intelligence of a Human Being - Part #2

I re-state:
A machine can never replace the intelligence of a human being.
(even though the picture might make you think otherwise)

Most of the Google advertisements on this page are generated automatically, based on the contents of the blog. I do have to monitor it though. Sometimes I have to block some ads which seem weird or inappropriate within the context of the story. Like the short story about the Taliban in Afghanistan (In Pace) was generating an ad about 'Meeting Afghan Woman Online"...

The funniest is that my post about The Day I got Deported from the US generated an ad:
Visit the US visa-free for 90 days. Download application guide.
Do you think "They" are monitoring? You know, "Them" ? :-) Do you think "They" are trying to send me a message that "they" have forgiven me?

must be, as even within the time of writing this blog, the deportation story generated three more similar ads on one page claiming "they" can get me a US visa 'trouble free'. Wow! Too clever for a machine. "They" must have been a human watching over my shoulder. Eh?! What was that noise? Who was that? Anyone there? Hellooooooo?!?!?! Anyone therrrreeeeeee?)
(And yes, the picture above was taken in the US. Can anyone guess where? Put it in the 'Comments' underneath this post. Just don't have your computer generate the comment! ;-)


Anonymous,  19 February, 2007 12:43  

Hi Peter,
I don't see the ads, Adblock (an extension for Firefox) does a great job :-)

Great blog!

73 de ON5MF

Peter 19 February, 2007 13:56  

Thanks for the compliments!
Had a long internal dilemma indeed if i should put ads or not.. Trying just to recuperate the expenses of running the blogs and picture servers...
Hey, I got an ad for Firefox on this page! Highly recommended indeed!!!! :-)
p. - on6tt

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