Rumble: The Intelligence of a Human Being

Statement: A machine can never replace the intelligence of a human being.
(even though the picture might make you think otherwise)

I was impressed with the translation software I found on Altavista's Babelfish and used for the online translations of this blog (see icon in the right column). I tried to find one which could use Dutch as a source language, to translate my Dutch eBook. In the end, I found one, so I did a random test with something I wrote about Clipperton Island. Tine and I could not stop laughing with the translation into English:
Friday 6 March 13h local time:
"clip by barrel on the radar, clip by barrel on the radar", calls someone vanop the bridge.
Everyone leaves falls what falls, and sprint to the brug."Waar, where?
"here to see you that not, which stipjes"
That dingetjes here? Bah, which are golves, man
"no, no not where, we are scarcely on ten mile of clip by barrel, and according to Mike is that the moment that we must see clip by barrel on the baffle".
But dot that come and verdwijnen""Jamaar cannot you see that that form a circle slowly to start? That is the country counterfoil. And that dark macula in the middle is the lagoon!

:-) And in case you wandered: 'Clip by barrel' is the translation for 'Clipperton'... 'Stipjes' is Dutch for 'small dots', 'Golves' are supposed to be 'waves' and 'dingetjes' are 'small things', ...
Guess I ticked the option 'Pidgin English'

Just saw in the French translation
"This is not a commercial ad. Click and help!!"
Is translated by the software as:
"Ce n'est pas un Clic et une aide de film publicitaire après Jésus Christ !!"
Which means as much as:
"This is not a click and a help of a publicity movie by Jesus Christ !!".

Go figure.. ;-)


Anonymous,  29 June, 2007 08:20  

It kind of makes you question the value of having these free translation tools. having said that I'm going to have a go just for the comedy value of seeing what crap it turns out. Great post.

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