A Peep Through the Keyhole:

To satisfy the curiosity of the readers, and to acknowledge some stories friends reminded me of (and to deal with my frustration of not being able to publish everything at once), here is a list of rumblings-ideas-short stories I am working on, or which are finished and awaiting publication: (phew, that was a long sentence!)

  • Faces of Kosovo
    Either a blog or short story or series - I dunno yet, about ex-colleagues of mine in Kosovo. Kosovars that worked for us 'way back', and what has become of them

  • More of 'Others Do It So Much Better Than Me'

  • A series about the 'Loos of the World'
    a surprise. includes a contest with books to win!
  • The Blues Brothers
    Two brothers I met in Kampala

  • Bukova Glava
    'How We Conquered the Mountain' - the Kosovo version

  • Happiness is....
    A series about those 'So Happy I Could Touch Heaven'
  • I probably have enough short 'rumblings' to last me a month

Based on your feedback, I will also be adding more pictures in some of the older stories. When I find some time!

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