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If you found this post, you must really be digging through this site. :-)

This a log I keep for myself with the latest structural updates and changes on this site:
(and this excludes the publishing of the actual rumble-entries and eBook chapters)

December 25-31, 2007

  • I updated the links to other interesting blogs in the right column, and split them up in different groups.
  • I included a new tab in the right column with interesting links to related to aid work, and life as an aidworker.
  • I re-arranged the Ebook short stories in a more chronological order. If you hover over each short story, it now shows the country the story is about.
  • As the tag list for the posts was getting quite long, I put it in a scrollable frame. Saves space.
  • I updated and added more Blogger's tips and tricks.
  • As I can not keep up with the interesting news stories people send to me, I post more in my Newsvine space. The articles which are relevant to aid work, you can find back in the "International Aid Workers Group" on Newsvine.
  • I updated the my book library and added the latest books I am reading.

December 21-25, 2007
- Relabeled all News Round-up stories as 'News Item', renamed title to 'News'
- Added Adsense ads at the bottom of the page (let's try it again)
- Added links, page ranking, alexa ranking, and more detailed visitors stuff to the right column
- Rearranged right column a bit. Edited 'About the Road'

December 20, 2007
- Added New bookmarking with '' to right column
- Added 'title' text to comments, deleted author name on post footers.
- Added '' icon on post footers

December 9, 2007
- Added Page Rank to the right column
- Rearranged right column a bit.
- Upgraded (and edited) the GPS rumbles to a short story

November 11, 2007
- Changed the image of the video inspiration link
- Upgraded (and edited) the Itanglish rumble to a short story

November 9, 2007
- redid the links/blogroll part in the right column
(used direct links rather than Blogrolling)
- Updated "About me".
- Did something else, but forgot what. Oh, now I remember... I included a new site translation tool.

November 7, 2007
Updated "Navigating the Road", "About the Road" and the Ebook index.

November 6, 2007
- Replaced blogrolling links by direct links to the interesting blogs
- Deleted the note right under the header

August 23, 2007
- Redirected the blogger RSS feed to Feedburner.
- Reshuffled some items in the top right column
- Deleted inactive links in the directory links

June 12, 2007
Phew, it has been a while since I made structural changes to this site. Anyway, I updated the shortstory list by deleting 'New' icons for those stories which were new 3 months ago, but no longer now...

April 11, 2007
- Added a new link to read "The Road" without any graphics in the 'Navigation' chapter.
- Shortened the Humanitarian News Feed, but created a new site which contains all latest headlines.

March 30, 2007
- Changed the Humanitarian News feed to Newsgator and spent a night reformatting it. :-) Wonder if people find this useful.
- Added a 'last comment' feed (a few nights ago...)
- Updated some posts with new pictures.

March 28, 2007
The link to the video from Rageh Omaar got broken. New link restored

March 27, 2007
- aaah, i finally found a way to display my favorite books and music. Hope it can be of some inspiration. They are displayed in the right column and are linked to (which ask fair prices for the items..).
- I also added some inspirational videos into one post, linked through the right column

March 25, 2007
- I am reposting some of the older stories which I found to be un-read or under-read
- I re-edited 'What's in a Gesture' into a short-story

March 22, 2007
Added feeds for humanitarian news items and news from different agencies in the right column

March 20, 2007
Ok, that's it. No more Adsense ads. Only two ads remain, and these were paid for. If I want to generate money for a worthy cause, will have to do it with fixed ads. Have to say: it looks much nicer without the ads.

March 18, 2007
- Ok, giving the ads one more chance.
- I added a Tips & Tricks section so that other newbie bloggers like myself don't have to go through the same pains as I did, to get their site up and running

March 13, 2007
Reshuffled the layout a bit. Moved the ads down. A little bit more, and I will throw them out. Google Adsense should do a better job in assisting publishers defining what kind of ads they want. I am sick and tired of all military ads popping up each time I use the word 'military' in one of my texts. You should see what kind of ads I get when I use the words 'terrorist' and 'extremist'. Pffft :-(

March 12, 2007
- starting a new string of news feeds. Summaries will have a separate prefix "News Round-up"
- added box with date of next short-story release.

March 8, 2007
- added a guest book
- made a search shortcut to see all 'rumbling' posts

March 7, 2007
- Added a pointer to the Technorati and Feedburner links
- Listed the sites that blogrolled me.

March 4, 2007
- added the tag-label 'when will the next short story be published'.
- experimented with new font in last rumble, and appended the polls to the last

March 3, 2007
- added more bookmark links to ease subscription to the feeds.
- added the post labels (tags) as a new form of index
- replaced 'Blog' with the word 'Rumble' in the title of all all entries

March 1, 2007
Added the reader's digest.

Feb 25, 2007:
Added the blogrolling and (after reading the story where an online writer found out someone took his eBook, printed it, and sold it) I added the copyright stuff.

Feb 24, 2007:
Added RSS feed icons and fixed the Email subscription button

Feb 22, 2007:
-Fiddled around with the layout... Moved all icons for blog directories to the bottom. Going for a cleaner look. Spring cleanup.
- Moved the 'vote for me' icons into the poll section. Ay. Hope people will find it there, and still poll me...

Feb 19, 2007:
- Added a separate poll after each eBook story, and after each blog I thought had the potential to be re-edited into an eBook story...
- Converted 'The US Special forces' and 'TV Censorship the Pakistani Way' from blogs to new eBook stories.
- Ooops. Dropped the "Ugly Duckling" story from the eBook directory... Thanks for letting me know.. Added it again..

Feb 17, 2007:
Moved the poll away from the main page and put it in a separate page.

Feb 16, 2007:

  1. I marked the eBook directory with tags 'new', and 'updated' to indicated the most recent changes

  2. My Dutch eBook (about my expeditions to the Pacific and Antarctic) is now ready, with hundreds of pictures: Addicted to the Horizon

  3. I have started translating parts of this blog-site into Dutch, published here

  4. As an experiment I have added polls to the latest stories so I can get faster feedback. If you think they are a drag, let me know.

  5. Added pictures from my time in Dubai- UAE and East Timor (they were taken one day before Pero was killed) to the Flickr account. You can access the pictures through the 'My Pictures' section

  6. Oh, and I changed the front page banner. Pretty cool, no? A picture taken by my friend Arie Nugteren during our expedition to Howland Island in the Pacific.

    Have Fun!



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