Do you have interesting aid links for me?

I am always looking for more interesting site to link to. For this section, I am looking for blogs, or sites of interest to aid, development or relief workers. Be it a forum, a news site, or sites with technology info,.. Anything that is either related to the work or lives of us, international aid workers.

The links I am looking for should be inspirational, regularly updated and contain information directly relevant to our work.

I prefer blogs in English of course, as most of my audience reads English.

I do keep the right to refuse publishing some links. Most of those rejected are commercial sites or contain irrelevant information.

While I do read the sites in this list regularly, there might always be one with a broken link, so please let me know.

Drop me a note via peter(a)theroadtothehorizon(dot)org or even easier: leave a comment on this post (I get automated notifications of any new comment).

Thanks for your help in keeping this list up to date.



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