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African Child

To start off the new year, here are six more aidworker blogs:

  • Alpha Bah is a blog from fellow aid worker Alpha.
  • Laurenist" blogs "about international development, advocacy, and taking over the world..." (sic)
  • In Under the mosquito net, Michael Hudson shares his experiences working in rural Kenya, doing agricultural development and microfinance.
  • Wanderlust mixes photography, travel and the "aid profession".
  • Moving on to the more funny/satirical: Stuff Expat Aidworkers Like is a joint blog by fellow aidworkers/aidbloggers @talesfromthhood and @shotgunshack both celebrating and complaining about The Aid System.
  • And talking about satirical: the find of the month must be Hand Relief International where Dr. Alden takes us down the road of the pure insane. Written wickedly sharp...

All are added to my Aid Workers Blogroll, and are aggregated on AidBlogs.

Picture courtesy Wanderlust


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