Haiti, one year and one day later.
Wanted: Honest NGO.

presidential palace Haiti

As we passed the sad anniversary of "One Year after Haiti", it is interesting to go through the stream of commemorative articles coming out...

It looks like every single humanitarian entity eagerly reported on their activities in the past year.

I am looking for one article where an NGO or humanitarian agency does an honest self-evaluation, highlighting not only what went well, but also why the relief effort sucked and what THEY could do better.

Give me one article. One honest NGO. It will foster my hope that honesty in the humanitarian world has not completely disappeared.

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A Lady's Life 13 January, 2011 18:00  

Apparently its due to government bureaucracy. The money is there and just sitting.

Anonymous,  13 January, 2011 21:24  

to Lady's Life: sure! for all these years of "useless aidworking" (can we talk of decades ?? about 60 decades since the 2nd world war..) and the result is that the blame is to give to local gouvernemnts?How much interest has so far provided to the banks and the bank accounts of relief organizations all that money? Haiti has been in this situation since the 50's! Last year with the earthquake it was just another greedy opportunity given to the industry of the "useless AID" to make money. Local gouvernements might have their faults.. I found more guilty and irresponsably dishonest all the machinery behind the "aid working". So many examples around the world. Waste of time and shame for the human being. The honest human being ;-((((((((((((((((((((

lou,  16 January, 2011 15:52  

Have you not read Oxfam's report?

Peter 16 January, 2011 15:54  

You have a link to the report please?


Anonymous,  17 January, 2011 17:20  

Not related to Haiti, but here is an example of honesty and accountability: a failure report.


The 2011 version should be online shortly.

Peter 17 January, 2011 18:59  

@anonymous: Thanks for this link. It is the first time I see something similar... An example for others to follow!


Florin Gheorghe 30 January, 2011 11:41  

Hi Peter, I really enjoy your blog and have read it for years.

Not related to Haiti, but one of the most honest and humble publishings from an NGO out there, Engineers Without Borders Canada. They publish an annual failure report, and they just seem to get better.



Florin Gheorghe 30 January, 2011 11:43  

It looks like someone beat me to it now that I have a second look. Hehe :)

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