Aid effectiveness? No worries, we are doing fine...!

For the "oh boy" department:

The results of this evaluation were presented to the IASC Working Group, which has created a Task Team on Coordination that will create a management response plan in reaction to the recommendations made.
No kidding. Real stuff.

Reminds me of this post.

But for the rest, we are fine, thankyouverymuch. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your humanitarian ride. Nosotros will make sure we duly report on the project from needs assessments, impact evaluations, base-line surveys, coordination proposals, inter-cluster and intra-cluster coordination meetings, donor congresses, and above all cross-platform compatibility studies!! All through to the point where your money will be gone. Gone With the Wind. Phooof.


Anonymous,  10 May, 2010 22:32  

Comment forwarded to me via Email:

this reminds me of a recent chat we - some aid workers - had about how much we hate attending the humanitarian country team meetings and one of the guys said, 'but you can play bulls**t bingo in the meeting.' and of course, i asked 'what is that?' so he told me, 'you attend a meeting and wait to hear some of these key, catchy, cliche words or phrases in a meeting like synergy, coordination, cohesiveness, impact something or another, baseline anything, InterAgency whatever, cluster you heart away.' I like to imagine that a person (maybe me), gets up in the middle of the meeting and just shouts, 'bulls**t bingo! oh my god, i won i won!!!' ;-)))

A Lady's Life 11 May, 2010 00:36  

lol I think less meetings more time to do things

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