Being happy in a negative way.

At the end of today, I feel kinda relieved. And happy in a way. In a negative kinda way.
  • I am happy that in the end, Microsoft Outlook did not disappear from my laptop. It just disappeared from the taskbar and the START menu.
  • I am actually extatic that my outlook data file with all my mails was not "Beyond Repair", as Outlook stated. Does not matter that Outlook keeps on crashing on the data file, I can just start it up again. And again. And again.
  • I am grateful that Citrix was not corrupted, so it did not really matter that the helpdesk failed to have me re-install the Citrix-thingie. I am happy the thing decided to repair itself, by itself, for itself. The most suspicious of all "solutions".
  • I am pleasantly surprised that despite all suspicions, my laptop did not have any viruses, even though the stand-alone virus scan blocked my computer for 2 hours.
  • I am smiling because despite all challenges, I *was* able to connect to the LAN, so I could get some work done
  • I went "Woohwoohwooh" because I found an easy way to clean up the 1.3 Gigabyte of temporary files created in the TEMP directory each time I start up my computer. [update: which now seems to be caused by the Macafee antivirus programme.]
  • I jumped of joy knowing that despite the fact that Godaddy, my web host, does not admit it was hacked, but "the problems came through Wordpress" (I am running Drupal), I found a way to easily restore my website.
  • I still think SAP SUCKS, though. But even that brings an evil smile on my face.
As you can clearly see, I am having a tough time living in service of technology. I thought it was supposed to be the other way round. But hey, call me simple minded and naieve...


Voegtli 05 May, 2010 01:15  

Well, so you can say that you had quite a few reason to celebrate.

A propos mail systems: I have since long quit using outlook, thunderbird and am using only my provider's webmail. Whenever I want and where ever I am (sometimes travelling without my computer) I can access my mail easily. And don't have to install/activate email programmes when I buy a new computer.

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