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Lou Nuer boys and their cattle

I cleaned up my list of aidworkers' blogroll in the sidecolumn. Blogs with irregular updates and those from aidworkers who moved on, I moved to the archive.

I also added my latest aidworker blog finds:

I also updated the bloglist for AidBlogs where I aggregate the posts on each of these blogs.

While I cleaned up the blogs, I continuously got distracted by browsing through them. I should say, anyone wondering if aidwork is something for them, should read through those blogs. They give the best peep one can get into the daily life of a humanitarian in the field. With the joys, frustrations, surprises, doubts, anger, sadness and dumbness we are often confronted with.


Picture courtesy Sudan Stories


A Lady's Life 01 May, 2010 20:22  

It is very nice to be an aid worker.Helping people is always a good thing.Traveling can be difficult but if you know you did something that brought grateful eyes looking at you, then this is what you will take to your grave.For things to work people have to be on the same page. For laws to work people have to be on the same page. Getting people on the same page is another story, because they never are.When you are a doer country, you have more to be laid blame on. Its easier to sit and criticize than to actually be out there doing the work no one wants to do.I think things would be a lot nicer if we looked at what unites us, as opposed to what separates us. We should dwell on those things.

Beelee 17 June, 2011 13:31  

Thanks for your latest blog findings.

Have you seen this new one yet? Just started, quite ascerbic, and good fun!

Peter 17 June, 2011 18:31  

tnx! will add it to my list of aidworker blogs! ;-)


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