The Road is 3 years old

In Nov 2008, we got our 200,000th visitor. In June 2009, got passed the 300,000. And this weekend, just as we are about to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of The Road, we just raced past our 400,000th visitor.

We have 540 RSS subscriptions, and hover around 15,000 visitors a month, an increase of about 3,000 per month compared to the same time last year.

Thank you all for coming back and check on this blog.


Voegtli 12 January, 2010 06:20  

This is an achievement you really can be proud of. After 3 years, I just have passed 100'000 visitors. But I am pleased with this too.

Since October 2008 (when I was retired!!!) I thought that I will have more time to blog seriously. But then, WFP keeps sending requests to my agency to "have" me. And so I am off for another 3 month to Sri Lanka. Because my agency agreed. Because WFP is their "chouchou" partner.

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