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Google Wave in Danish

See the top line: "This page is in Danish"...
"Google Wave" confuses "Google Translate"


Gisella 09 January, 2010 15:59  

Anyway... I didn't understand what is the "plus" of using Google Wave yet. Did you?

Peter 09 January, 2010 17:08  


I tried to register, but it seems to be 'by invite only', so have not been able to use it...

There sure is a lot of noise about it. (In English, not in Danish...)


Gisella 10 January, 2010 16:34  

In fact, I have the invitation. And I have several inviations available. I can send you one, if you wish to try Google Wave :-) Bye!!

Peter 10 January, 2010 17:47  

'd love to try it out!


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