Let's do something for those affected by the floods in the Philippines

In the past weeks, two deadly storms struck the Philippines killed more than 700 people and destroyed the livelihoods of millions.

Unfortunately, many of the entrepreneurs we support through our microfinance project have been affected. One of them was Leoncia (picture).

To do my part in helping these courageous people recover, for each comment left on this post, I will donate US$5 to microfinance entrepreneurs in the affected areas.

So go now, and help in two easy steps which take no more than one minute of your time:
  1. Read this post
  2. Leave a comment there.
Let's help where we can.


Update Oct 22:
In 24 hours, we got 230 comments. We are on a roll...! Please spread the message through your blog, Twitter, Facebook,... and link to this post.... If we stretch the limit of my personal finances, I have some sponsors lined up that will chip in. Keep the comments coming!

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