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September was the first full month for my new site Humanitarian News. In our first month, it fetched and stored 13,000 articles from +- 600 different hand selected nonprofit sources:
  • news about humanitarian issues
  • news about the environment
  • blogs by aidworkers
  • the latest press releases by humanitarian agencies
  • updates from websites specializing in development
  • the latest posts from over 300 nonprofit blogs
The site fetches its updates automatically every 15 minutes and publishes a searchable summary with a link to the original article.

I spent a lot of time updating the 600+ sites I get the input from, to ensure the updates are relevant and up-to-date.

I split up the RSS feeds for each of the sections of Humanitarian News, and you can now subscribe to them individually, either using the site's RSS feed, or via Feedburner.

You can also get daily updates via Email for each of the sections individually, or for the whole site. Here is an example how an email update looks like.

Two nights ago, I made news widgets you can add to your blog or website, displaying the latest updates.

Humanitarian News - AidNews posts

If you are on Twitter, updates from the latest posts are published via @humanitynews.

Because of the vast quantity of articles being updates, it has proven to be quite a resource, even for us at work, as all content can be searched. As an example, check out the latest on the Philippines storms.

If you want an instantaneous overview of the latest posts, check out The Other World News or My Home on the Road.



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