Rumble: My Angels

I am back home, enjoying the company of Tine and my two angels Lana and Hannah for the next 6 weeks. We only spent three weeks together since New Year...


Voegtli 06 July, 2008 04:22  

Well, it is about the same for me. I managed 5 weeks. But it is your and my fault. Because, we could spend more time with our families if we were income tax inspectors. Would you like to be an income tax inspector?

Peter 06 July, 2008 08:26  

euh... let me think really hard about that one, Worldman! ;-)))

Anonymous,  06 July, 2008 10:17  

what's wrong with a tax inspector income?

Peter 06 July, 2008 10:45  

It is not the income of an income tax inspector I would be worried about..
The worries would be more about "how would I lead a 'normal' life again. Without the excitement of living abroad, living in emergencies,..."


Anonymous,  07 July, 2008 19:10  


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