Rumble: Sailing for a Good Cause

I was in Brindisi a couple of weeks ago, just as the Brindisi-Corfu Regatta started. WFP entered with a boat in the race, raising money for the humanitarian cause. The boat was a MAXI80, same type they use in the America's Cup. They ending 4th in the Regatta and they raised over US$250,000.
I thought "Hmmm, imagine if we'd do the same in a Transatlantic Race, maybe we could raise more money and visibility..."
The owner of the MAXI80 was receptive to the idea, so at this moment, we're trying to put all pieces of the puzzle together. How to get the boat to the Canary Islands, for the start of the ARC2007 - the same transatlantic regatta I participated in last year (see these posts), how to get 10 professional crew working with 10 WFP staff totalling a crew of 20 on the boat... How do we find sufficient sponsors. How can we get the boat back to Europe? Minor stuff.
Will be exciting...


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