Rumble: The Field

Some pictures from Bor in South Sudan. Once of those places where the real humanitarian work is done....

I always thought of South Sudan as very dry. Apparently not so. Bor seems to be green and lush. For six months per year, during the rainy season, it is cut off from the world.

The Nile, the main source of water and fertility in Southern Sudan.

Bor, Main Street.

Bor, Main Street, but this time with a herd of cattle passing through. Cattle is the most precious posession for the local people. Stealing a cow is the same as declaring a local war. Cattle is a source of income, but a status symbol. People's wealth is measured by the number of cattle they have. Just look at the top picture. A gem!

This is still the dry season. Look what half an hour or rain does to the road. Can you imagine the rainy season? This would not be a road anymore, but a stream.

The same half an hour of rain.. Look how high the water comes, on the side of the road. Half an hour. In the rainy season, it would rain for hours every day... Just imagine..

Pictures courtesy Enrico Pausilli and Ulrik Pedersen, both stationed in South Sudan


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