Rumble: Another Friend

I interviewed Enrico for a post in FITTEST, our technical intervention team, back in 1998. He joined us in Uganda shortly after that. Enrico worked with us on the forefront of humanitarian emergencies ever since then. On the picture above, you see him (on the right) on Bukova Glava, one of the mountains in Kosovo where we installed radio equipment. (The story of Bukova Glava is the next short story to be released.)

Enrico has just recently been reassigned to Bor. Yep. Bor... I did not know where it was neither, but it is in South Sudan. And this is where his story links with the one of Cyprien, I posted before: both are now in South Sudan. Enrico gave me some excellent pictures, I will post in the coming days. From the deep bush in Africa, where the real humanitarian work happens.

Stay tuned.


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