Rumble: Men at Work.

As you read in previous posts, I moved into Robert's house in Fiumicino, near Rome, since a while... If you ever take a taxi to where we live, make sure you take down the driving instructions. Last week, Mats' taxi got lost. It took him over an hour for what should only be a twenty minutes drive...

Both Robert and me are part-time bachelors. Both our families live at home (Slovenia and Belgium respectively). We both shuttle between home and work.. While we are Italy, we're bachelors. With all due challenges, often fun and silly.

We're pretty set.. And probably do much better than most part-time bachelors.. It has been a while, though, since I ironed.. Last week Saturday was 'ironing day'. "Dial 911, dial 911!". That bloody machine sprayed hot water all over my legs and feet several times.. "Robeeeeert, where is the bloody manual of this thing?"

Robert was too busy though.. He had another emergency. In the freezer. He was a bit more hard handed than I was to get to the solution of his problem: In preparation of his birthday party (it is a BACHELOR's house. OF COURSE we have parties!), he made ice cubes using those small plastic bubble bags, you fill with water. Each bubble freezes and makes a nice ice cubes for the mojitos and other stuff (I know i started with mojitos, but can not remember how I finished at the party).
Anyway, Robert filled the bags too full, forgetting water expands when it freezes, so all bags and bubbles, froze to one block of ice.

A hammer did it in his case.

And me? I gave up steam-ironing. Back to plain old fashioned ironing. Record stands at 15 shirts in 55 minutes. Not bad for a part-time bachelor, hey?

Two part-time bachelors looking for share-able part-time girl friend.
Two hours per week, flexible timing.
Has to be well conversant with steam ironing.
Good looks optional. Age not important. Competitive wages.
Promiss to call "the day after".


vagabondblogger 11 June, 2007 23:13  

We were never able to make proper ice cubes in Baku, so we started freezing blocks of ice in plastic (large) containers. At first, my husband smashed them with a somewhat rusty hammer, until I bought an ice pick, which does the job quite nicely. Unfortunately, I've become addicted to chunks of weird shaped ice and have a habit of making it, even though we "can" make proper ice cubes - they're just so annoyingly perfectly square.

Peter 12 June, 2007 07:15  

Hahaha! I will tell Robert he found an ice-soulmate in you! And maybe for his next birthday we will all buy him an ice pick. Will be much more practical than a hammer, I am sure!


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