Rumble: 69 in the Caribbean

Pete is a friend I got to know end of last year. He was my watch mate during our long sailing adventure from the UK via the Canaries onto the Caribbean. He just sent us a transcript of his handwritten log. Reading through it brought back quite some memories of this two month’s trip.
Here is one, inspired by Pete’s log:

We lifted anchor at 1600 from the Sandy Spit - see picture- in the British Virgin Island, and headed south. We sailed through Thatch Island cut and then tacked upwind towards “The Bight” on Norman Island. Mark, SJ and Peter had visited this bay before and rated the “Pirates Bar and Restaurant” very highly. Peter said: “Leave the booking to me”, and he disappeared down below to read the Pilot Book for communications channels. A couple of minutes later back on deck he came and picked up the VHF handset. The Pirates Bar call up was on Channel 16. Once contact was made, “Pirates” asked to switch onto channel 69.

So off went Peter (of course): “Hello Pirates Bar this is Persuader Too. Just love calling you on my favourite channel, lets get to it. I’ve got seven hungry crew who had nothing but solitary intercourse for the past two months. So we would all like to have some fun at a table. Can you do anything for me, here on channel 69. Or related to 69? Are you seeing anyone, by the way? And please, what are you wearing? Over!”
The gentleman at the other side picked up on the joke, and the conversation went on for a while. It set the scene and mood for the rest of the day, the evening, and the loooong night.

With courtesy to Pete Pressland, “a man for all reasons”.


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