Rumble: Cyp in South Sudan

Here is Cyp as we know him... As he describes it:
"Using the WiFi coverage provided to the Rumbek/Sudan airport from the UNHAS office, we were in the waiting lounge in transit to Juba from Aweil. In the background the immigration building."

I love this picture. It gives an excellent snapshot of Africa, our work in Africa: one of our senior telecoms engineers, working off WiFi in the field, sitting in an old tractor tyre, waiting for a plane to go from no-where to any-where.

Tnx for the picture, Cyp!


Anonymous,  26 June, 2007 23:02  

This fantastic man is my dad. He is the smarterst black man I have known. So PLEASE take care of him whenever he is helping the whole world because he means every thing to us. Very smart he is right? I am sure you know that more than anyone else. Keep it up dad! You are the best and we love you. we will always do. BB

Peter 27 June, 2007 09:00  

Hey BB,
You know, I always keep an eye on your dad! As does someone Up Above ;-)
And he always keeps an eye out for me too. Colleagues and friends!!

Hope you are all doing well in the family.. Wishing you a lot of luck and happiness!


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