Happy 2012 everyone. Now start changing the world, will you?

Since we kicked off our Kiva microfinance project "Change Starts Here" in November 2008, our Kiva Lending Team has already funded over 1,500 projects, for a total value of US$54,000. Check out our project score card on our Have Impact! blog.

In 2011, I had a wide range of sponsors for the blogs I manage. After deducting the running costs for my blogs, I want to invest the left-over funds in our microfinance project "Change Starts Here" . Seems like a good way to start 2012 off on a good footing!

So, from January 1 to 15, I will run a promotion campaign for AidJobs, my newest blog, while helping to boost our micro finance projects. How? Pretty simple:
  • For every comment left on this blogpost, I will donate US$5.
    Just leave your name and where you live. Add any wishes you have for a better world in 2012.
  • For every new Twitter follower on @AidJobs, I will donate US$5.
    (we're starting at 147 followers)
  • For every new "like" on our AidJobs Facebook page, I will donate US$5.
    (we're starting at 22 likes)
  • For every new Email subscription, I will donate US$5.
    (we're starting at 4 subscriptions)
Again, the end date is midnight January 15, and all funds go to our Kiva micro finance projects. A good way to start 2012, no?

Over the next weeks, I will publish updates on this blog post.

Happy New Year everyone!



Toronto Airport Taxi 16 January, 2012 06:14  

wish you the same, hopefully we will bring change in this year.

Toronto Airport Taxi

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