US, UN and the Taliban: An invitation to dance.

How many children have you killed today, Mr.President?

There are no coincidences in life. Certainly not if they concern politics. Once again, UN and US politics have only one letter of difference.

KABUL: The United States and other foreign powers are engaged in preliminary talks with the Taliban about a possible settlement to the near decade-long war in Afghanistan, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Saturday. (Source)

and on the very same day:
The UN Security Council has split the international sanctions regime for the Taliban and al-Qaida to encourage the Taliban to join reconciliation efforts in Afghanistan. (Source)

So, all of a sudden, the Taliban is no longer the arch-rival of neither US, UN or the Afghan government anymore...? All of a sudden, they are not the harbour of terrorism anymore? Is it because the Taliban have become good boys? Starting to behave, and wear suits and ties as they are now become devoted Catholics?

Or might we just have another Vietnam and "Black Hawk Down"-Somalia scenario, where the US is trying everything possible, to bail out of Afghanistan, using no matter what means. After all, why not? "If you can't beat them, you might as well join them (again)", the US will be thinking. What the flip to they care what happens to the country after they leave?

So Mr.USA: after a decade of war in Afghanistan, what will you have accomplished? Did the threat of terrorism get any less? Was the Taliban or Al Qaeda eradicated? Any less threat for another 9/11?
What have you accomplished Mr.USA, apart from having plunged yet another country into disarray, pushed it further down into poverty and insecurity, killing tens of thousands along the way, and causing suffering to zillions more? Did the women's right flourish? Burqa's being massively exchanged for bikini's? Every child now goes to school, and is properly fed? Open freedom of speech? Drug fields completely eradicated? None of the above, Mr.USA, so shame on you.

Shame on you.

Picture courtesy Free Republic


Khusro 28 July, 2011 19:46  

Look.Every body knows that who is involve in 9/11.Who came first to donate 10 million dollars to us president,Who came first to say that this country should,nt dystroy the world trade,Who is involved,may be you know or some peoples know,Its all inside job.Who is behind them,Who is forcing them to kill all the innocent muslims,for what,just for the oil.Why some 1 do some thing bad and why any 1 out of the way pay the price.Why is that.and suppose suppose if,if if Afghanistanis did that then why dr henry kessinger resign it,why.He was the 1 who was doing all the investigations all of them.Every 1 knows who is behind,but all muslims and innocent soldiers of all over the world are dying.This is the bloody high time to stop it now,Enough is more blood sheds.How many more peoples were die,how many they want to kill,how many.No answer,what the hell they answer,what they mean,no answer,how many babies they are going to kill,no answer,how many houses were demolished,no answer,and many more,no answer.

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