Khadaffi's daughter launches law suit against NATO

Aisha Khadaffi

Aisha Khadaffi, "the man's daughter", filed a law suit against NATO. Legal papers were submitted to the prosecutor's office in Brussels her French lawyer.

Ms Khadaffi's four-month daughter, Mastoura, was one of Khadaffi's four grandchildren killed during a NATO bombing raid. (Even though Berlusconi - for one credible news source- alleges this to be propaganda)

The lawsuit is quoted saying "The target was a civil building inhabited by civilians and was neither a command post nor a military control [centre] of the Libyan regime" (Source)

It will be interesting to see how the Belgian court system will react, knowing how fast they backed out of the lawsuit against Bush, Powell, Cheney et al, during the Iraq war. It only took Bush to hint at moving NATO out of Brussels, for Belgium to change the law on war crime law suits.

At least Khadaffi's lawsuit might shed a juridical light on whether NATO steps out of its legal boundaries by providing a tad more than a mere air blockade and safeguarding of humanitarian corridors. Which it grossly does, according to me.

And mean while, we stand by and watch worse happening in Syria and Bahrain.

Picture courtesy Mohamed Messara/EPA


A Lady's Life 09 June, 2011 21:40  

Yes but standing by a hunted man/killer, you are guilty by association are you not?
Do not these terrorists hide behind women and children?
Do not they send them laden with bombs to kill innocents as suicide bombers?
The country is for the people and by the people and the people told them to get out. They refused.
When you get to the soldier and air strikes parts, this is war.
This home was already ceased by the people, and they were told to leave. If they stayed knowing it was going to be bombed, were they not left behind to die?
They can't sue NATO. They have to sue their own people.

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