Living in Italy - Part 18: Mobile phones

In Italy, talking on a mobile phone without an earpiece or microphone is punishable by law.

But I am not sure if the law actually has provisions if you talk on one phone, held in your right hand, while at the same time, you set the Email configuration of an other phone with your left hand.

While you are driving.

Let me correct that: While you are driving a bus full of people. In the middle of Rome.

I mean, after all, God gave men two hands, right? How else would you use the spare time in a traffic jam than calling up a helpdesk to configure the "Backke Barry" (sic) Email settings. Right?

Discovered via Repubblica, tipped by @GeoMmm

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Anonymous,  17 May, 2011 20:44  

to be honest such a bad habit, it can be seen wherever in the world nowadays.. I mean, in some other posts, I see that also you whilst driving you used yr. camera or other recording tool. Isn't that a coincidence?

Peter 18 May, 2011 06:27  

In Italy, you get extra bonus points if you only drive with one hand :)

Anonymous,  18 May, 2011 18:51  

Don't think so, challenge a police or a metro officer, incredibly your driving licence will turn in useless toilet paper (with the possibility to be arrested if you are the responsible for a fatal accident). The dolce vita is not always available. And good luck is not always 'round the corner to protect ;-))

Article Writing 06 June, 2011 08:17  

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