Civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and 9/11

Graph Civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and 9/11

Putting the amount of innocent victims into perspective...

This also means by invading Iraq and being unable to guarantee civil stability (a responsibility enforced by the Fourth Geneva Convention), the US has directly or indirectly killed more Iraqi civilians than Sadam ever did (989,788 versus about 600,000).

Graph courtesy Prose Before Hos


Anonymous,  15 July, 2011 21:14  

You posted this chart in April but do you know when it was made? I can't find it on PBH and don't know if that's where it was generated, and when. Thanks much.

Peter 15 July, 2011 21:46  


the original post is here:

It looks like the data is up to Sept 2010, but more details, you can find in that post.

Hope this helps,


Anonymous,  15 July, 2011 22:18  

Thank you so much!

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