Farmers adapting to climate change:
Naakpi Kuunwena from Ghana

Vegetable farm in Ghana

His name is written “Naakpi” and pronounced “Naakwi”, that we understood fast. But it took us much longer to comprehend why Naakpi looked so tired, and walked around with a back bent as if he had a burden too heavy for one man to carry.

We understood even less as we walked through an opening in the earth wall surrounding his farm and stepped onto his vegetable field: This one hectare plot was the largest, greenest and best maintained vegetable field we had seen so far. The cabbage, beans, tomato, peppers all stood in straight lines. A perfectly geometric maze of five inch wide irrigation canals divided the field into small sub-plots devour of any weeds.

All of us stood in awe. The sight of green that lush came as a surprise. So far, during our West-Africa trip for the Adaptation and Mitigation Knowledge Network (AMKN), we had been interviewing farmers harvesting at this time, one to two months into the dry season. Here, in Lawra – Northeast Ghana, it had been no different. But Naakpi still had a green plot. Why then did it not make him a happy man?

“This is by far the nicest plot I have seen so far, Naakpi”, I said, and congratulated him. He looked at me with sad eyes and shrugged: “Give it one more month, and I will loose it all”, he said. He told us the story. (...)

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A Lady's Life 13 December, 2010 21:29  

Oh Dear.
I hope he manages to get some produce.

Unknown 02 January, 2011 23:11  

Climate change is here and it is going to affect to all walks of life. We do not need to be panick because nature works on its own and nothing is going to change or help to it.Whatever we tried to reduce the effect of global warming but it will add to some other problem. In reality, we never come to know what is going to work or what has caused the warming or cooling. It is the cycle and be the spectator or observer.

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