An update from the African dust tracks

Mali village chief
Mali village chief

We did not have too much connectivity during this trip, so could not post regular updates. I will catch up during next week.

During this trip, we interviewed 17 farmers and people who assisted farmers to adapt to climate changes.
After over 2,000 km, half of it off road, I am writing this from Ouagadougou while we are waiting for the flight back to Europe.

Next week we will start editing the videos.

I still wanted to share some pictures from this trip.

Mali nomad with his cattle
A nomad in Mali with his cattle

Cattle keeper in Ghana
Yousif in Ghana spoke about the difficulties to find grazing grounds for his cattle

Jumuo and his fruit trees in Ghana
Jumuo in Ghana described the way the shortened rains had insects attack his fruit trees up to the level they would no longer bear any fruits.

Naakpi and his vegetable garden in Ghana
While Naakpi stood in front of his large green vegetable field, he told us how most of it would be lost, as the rains had stopped, and the water level was too low to continue irrigating the crop.


jan gerits,  18 November, 2010 22:35  

17 farmers???
You're becoming a dangerous serial interviewer! ;-)

A Lady's Life 19 November, 2010 06:25  

Wow I forgot about the insects. They sure have their hands full and could use a hand maybe learning how to keep insects away Maybe grow things in hot houses?
Sheltered? Finding grasslands for animals is another problem.It's a different world with different problems.

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