Rumble: Food Aid Crossing African Rivers

More pictures illustrating the challenges of trucking relief food to remote locations. They were taken in CAR - the Central African Republic.

Pictures courtesy Angus Fraser with thanks to Alex Marianelli.
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Anonymous,  12 November, 2007 05:43  

Nice pics.

In Sudan, a series of attacks on UN World Food Programme (WFP) food truck convoys in the last week has resulted in the deaths of three WFP-contracted drivers. Two were shot dead in one incident on 16 October and another died in a second earlier incident on 12 October.

On Thursday 18 October, another incident occurred near Jebel Mara in South Darfur. According to initial reports, five WFP-contracted trucks were stopped by 20 armed men. Two of the five trucks were stolen along with their cargo of relief food (23 tons). All the drivers were released, however some sustained injuries. All personal belongings were stolen.

Since the beginning of this year, there have been more than 20 attacks on WFP food aid convoys in Darfur.
WFP is the organisation bringing in the majority of food aid to Darfur.

We actually care about the truck driver and want to see him improve his career

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