Rumble: Italian Treasures

Normally I don't have to do an effort to get lost anywhere. You might remember past rumblings about this subject, and my adventures (call it "my affair") with the GPS-slash-personal navigator.
Anyway, so this weekend, I decided to get lost. On purpose. Cheap but effective method of finding unexpected treasures. I got into the car, and drove for an hour on the highway, branched off, and just followed the coast.
The find of the day were these lovely beach houses just south of Civitavecchia.


vagabondblogger 22 August, 2007 07:37  

Getting lost can be fun. Finding your way back is another thing.

I've finally learned my way around my neighborhood, with it's diagonal streets and numerous roundabouts, by retracing my steps. Maps help too, but are not always accurate.

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