Rumble: End of the Fairy Tale

Well, after St.Kitts, we started heading back. First to St.Barths for two days again (a nice 45 miles sail, with the wind 60 degrees off the bow), followed by a 15 miles broad reach back to Oyster Bay - St.Martin, to return the chartered sailboat.

If you want some kind of challenge in your life, try entering Oyster Bay in a 30 knots wind with a 4 meter swell, and with the main sail up (just in case the engine fails). First of all, even as you enter, you see nothing but huge white foamed waves crashing on the reef, just in front of the marina's entrance.... You have to zigzag between two reefs, blindly following one green and three red marker buoys then sail through a narrow entrance, and drop the main sail in some free space - the size of a handkerchief - in the port...
Anyway, it was fun.

As we are closing this series of holiday posts, here are some last pictures:

Hannah on Road Bay's beach (Anguilla)

The girls on Sandy Island (Anguilla)

View from the breakfast table (Statia)


LORD MANILA STONE 12 September, 2007 19:01  

Loved the pictures here, I have never been to the beach for a long time. This blog is really cool. Be here soon again....

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