The crazy things people do: My first Antarctic expedition

It feels like yesterday, but it was 20 years ago, almost to the date, when I left for my first Antarctic expedition. Our target was Peter I island, one of the most remote corners of the world's most remote continent.

It is still difficult to believe how we pulled off this expedition, challenged by logistical "mission impossible's". But we did.

Enjoy this video, even though it is a lower resolution rip from a VHS tape. The views, with this music in the background still gets the hair on my arms stand up :-)

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Mats 30 January, 2014 09:06  

Those were the days :-) I was heading to Banaba that year and Conway Reef the year after.. Think that was after those trips we crossed path in a UK convention for the first time :-)... You giving a presentation in one room and me in the other.. time goes fast.....

Peter 30 January, 2014 10:53  

Hahaha.. You remember the first time we met? :-) Indeed, we crossed each other at the RSGB convention, and shook hands, talked for 30 secs and then we disappeared giving our presentations in different rooms. I think Roger "SXW" was actually standing next to us, if my memory serves me well...

Seems like centuries ago....

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